The Art of Baking

Crumb Brothers Artisan Bread is dedicated to crafting a fine selection of artisan breads and pastries using time-honored techniques of preparation and baking. We are committed to using the finest organic flours and in using local providers for our ingredients. Crumb Brothers seeks to promote both a sensitivity to a quality of life reflected in the quality of our breads and how we make them.

From Our Menu

Signature dishes recommended by our chef

Sunday Brunch

Every Sunday we offer specials and serve many of our daily breakfast items.

Inquire with our staff! Served Sundays only from 9–3.


Only the best ones from all over the world

We make time for good bread & pastries so you can take time to enjoy them in our beautiful bakery.

Simple ingredients. Decadent results.

Our beloved staff consists of students, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. We are so grateful to have the talented staff that we have and without them we wouldn’t be here. Come by and say ‘hi’ to our happy, knowledgeable staff anytime.

Our Team

Meet the artists behind the bread
Barney Northrop
Executive Chef

Barney was born and bread [sic] in Cache Valley. He brings 19 years of culinary experience to the table. His accolades include being featured on 2 News, Salt Lake Magazine and was the runner-up of both People's Choice and Judge's Choice 2012 Spice on Ice. He is an apprenticed sushi chef, a trained barista and has ran several successful eateries in and around Northern Utah. Barney is full of great ideas and determined to take Crumb Brothers to a new era.

Amber Christensen
Head Baker

Amber is the head baker and has worked at Crumb Brothers since 2010 and over 14 years experience baking. She is very passionate about local food. She apprenticed at several local farms and is starting a culinary garden on premises which will provide the café with the freshest, most local produce possible. Amber is also a self-proclaimed werewolf and her middle name is Marie.

Ali Harrison
Pastry Chef

Cake baker. Pastry maker. Heart breaker. Love taker. All In that order. As a pastry chef and baker with more than 17 years of experience, Montana native Ali Harrison has worked at 9 different restaurants and bakeries, including head baker/pastry chef for Iron Gate Grill and Hamilton's. As a self-proclaimed artist, hippie, and farmer, Ali brings energy and creativity to Crumb Brothers. When she’s not baking and creating desserts, and you can find her running around her farm, Paradise Valley Orchard, chasing chickens, feeding pigs, and growing delicious fruits and vegetables. She drinks an irresponsible amount of coffee and collects cute animals and craft supplies.

Ryan Smith

With over 10 years of artisan bread baking experience, it only takes a few moments talking to our Head Baker Ryan Smith to see his passion for artisan bread come through. His artistry of crafting sensitive doughs and fermented grains are respected by professional bakers around the world. His crumb is what makes Crumb Brothers Bread so delicious. In his down time Ryan takes care of the feral cats that roam outside the bakery property and has even built them an adobe-style shelter. A man with a heart as big as his loaves.


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