The Art of Baking

Crumb Brothers Artisan Bread is dedicated to crafting a fine selection of artisan breads and pastries using time-honored techniques of preparation and baking. We are committed to using the finest organic flours and in using local providers for our ingredients. Crumb Brothers seeks to promote both a sensitivity to a quality of life reflected in the quality of our breads and how we make them.

From Our Menu

Signature dishes recommended by our chef

Sunday Brunch

Every Sunday we offer specials and serve many of our daily breakfast items.

Inquire with our staff! Served Sundays only from 9–3.


Only the best ones from all over the world

We make time for good bread & pastries so you can take time to enjoy them in our beautiful bakery.

Simple ingredients. Decadent results.

Our beloved staff consists of students, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. We are so grateful to have the talented staff that we have and without them we wouldn’t be here. Come by and say ‘hi’ to our happy, knowledgeable staff anytime.

Our Team

Meet the artists behind the bread
Samantha Powell
Pastry Chef

After graduating USU with a degree in German Literature and International Business, Samantha was inspired by her many trips abroad to embrace baking. An artisan through and though, Samantha's knowledge and talent are evident when you taste her products. From the many delicate layers of her croissants, ferocious punch of her lemon poppy seed cake, and her silky smooth chocolate mousse, Samantha elevates our café to a level of international prowess. Samantha is a driving force in our bakery.

Ryan Smith
Head Baker

With over 10 years of artisan bread baking experience, it only takes a few moments talking to our Head Baker Ryan Smith to see his passion for artisan bread come through. His artistry of crafting sensitive doughs and fermented grains are respected by professional bakers around the world. His crumb is what makes Crumb Brothers Bread so delicious. In his down time Ryan takes care of the feral cats that roam outside the bakery property and has even built them an adobe-style shelter. A man with a heart as big as his loaves.

Barney Northrop
Executive Chef

Barney is our newest member of the Crumb Brothers family!