This site is for everybody who like cooking as well as those who do not.

We enjoy cooking, although I haven’t always done so. In reality, for the most of my early adult life, making supper meant microwaving a frozen meal or adding boiling water to a boxed meal. Because we both married cooks, We didn’t start eating actual food until after We got married. We began to join each other in the kitchen and discovered that cooking might be enjoyable. It was a lot of pleasure eating actual food. And establishing self-assurance as a home cook? That was a life-changing experience for both of us.

Here are five reasons why, whether you’re a seasoned cook or just getting started, I think you’ll like my blog:

  1. We try to keep things really simple.  Simple food and practical advice and help
  2. We love helping other to learn
  3. We love sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm shows through on our content
  4. You can reach out and ask for help anytime here

You should realise that eating is my absolute obsession. New recipes occupy my thoughts. Cookbooks are my weakness (I even wrote my own). I did some research on food policy and nutrition. I enjoy shooting food and hope that my images inspire you to create a wonderful and nutritious dinner.


Above all, I enjoy dining, especially when surrounded by nice people. Is there anything better than delicious food and good company?

Cooking should be enjoyable, and recipes should be adaptable. All of the dishes on Crumb Brothers are vegetarian since I refuse to prepare meat. Whole foods, or those that are as near to their source as possible, are what I believe in.