Welcome to TheCrumbBrothers.com ran by brothers Barry and David.

We are both, Husbands, Fathers and Cooks. After a childhood of pretty much living off chips, eggs and beans, when we finally left home, we were eager to expand our culinary horizons and pallets.

We both decided to travel so we could explore not only other cultures but cuisines from around the world. Barry became qualified in Japanese and Chinese cooking and David in French and Italian cuisines so we can pretty much cook up anything you like!

It was only when we got married that we decided to start sharing our recipes online and our blog has continued to grow ever since. Something we are both grateful for.

Here are five reasons why, whether you’re a seasoned cook or just getting started, I think you’ll like my blog:

  1. We try to keep things really simple.  Simple food and practical advice and help.
  2. We love helping others to learn.
  3. We love sharing our knowledge and experiences.
  4. You can reach out and ask for help anytime here

You should realise that eating is our absolute obsession. New recipes occupy our thoughts. Cookbooks are our weakness (we even wrote one). We did some research on food policy and nutrition.

We have also become passionate about photographing food and hope that our images inspire you to create a wonderful meals for you and your loved ones.


Is there anything better than delicious food and good company? No! So get cracking making some of the Crumb Brothers good food!